In 1918 Grigoris Konstantinidis started the development of his music-publishing house in Athens, at the Arsakeio Arcade. At the same time, he creates “edition Orpheus” in order to promote musical works of contemporary composers. 
During the interwar, Gr. Konstantinidis’ music house becomes an important artistic place, actively supporting the musicians of that period. 
In 1948 Georgios Nikolaidis and Panagiota Nicolaidou, in cooperation with Grigoris Konstantinidis, establish a full music publishing house. In 1969 this publishing house operates under the name “Georgios Nikolaidis Music House” and continues its dynamic presence in the Greek and foreign market, trading musical instruments and music books.
In 1984 Spyros and Marios Nikolaidis brothers open new horizons in music publishing, specializing in music education and piano methods while simultaneously translate important music book series of English, German and American publishers.
Today “Music House Marios Nikolaidis - Edition Orpheus since 1918” is located at the Opera Arcade (Ippokratous 13 Str.). Several higher education and university departments show complete confidence in our publications, suggesting many of our books to their students. Our intention is to provide the best services to our prime customers and to meet the needs of music students, musicians and all music lovers.